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Roland sound module SuperNATURAL Sound Module INTEGRA-7 from japan

Roland sound module SuperNATURAL Sound Module INTEGRA-7 from japan
Roland sound module SuperNATURAL Sound Module INTEGRA-7 from japan
Roland sound module SuperNATURAL Sound Module INTEGRA-7 from japan

Roland sound module SuperNATURAL Sound Module INTEGRA-7 from japan

Roland sound module SuperNATURAL Sound Module INTEGRA-7. Besides the state-of-the-art SuperNATURAL tone, SRX series all titles are loaded as standards, and Roland's sound assets are condensed into one unit. Roland's flagship sound module that dramatically improves the speed of music production.

SuperNATURAL brush up further the sound The SuperNATURAL sound by Behavior Modeling Technology which can realize natural and expressive sound can be used simultaneously in 16 parts. In SuperNATURAL Acoustic Tone, in addition to strings frequently used at the production site, solo brass, acoustic piano and bass, tones to be instant fights such as new electric guitar, ethnic musical instrument, sound effect that can be used in various scenes Enrichment.

In SuperNATURAL synth tone, envelopes expressing behavior specific to analog synthesizer installed in JUPITER-80 Version 2 and JUPITER-50, and low-pass filter which imaged vintage synthesizer produce a thick and distinctive synth sound Realization. By using MFX newly developed together, it is also possible to make more individualized state-of-the-art sound and makeup. A more natural drum tone can be expressed SuperNATURAL drum kit The SuperNATURAL drum kit simulates the sounding style and performance expression peculiar to the acoustic drum which was difficult to express by conventional driving. The drum instruments included in the kit are equipped with sounds that are distinct from conventional drum sounds such as natural tone changes from weak strokes to bangs, natural reactions to repeated hits. Snare and cymbal rolls can reproduce more natural performance by defeating the modulation bar. Furthermore, by adjusting the ambience parameter which imaged the top microphone of drum recording, it realizes a more natural drum sound. Recorded Roland sound which has built up the music scene so far It continues to be used by many musicians still, and has sound source module XV - 5080 and 12 Expansion Board SRX series which have contributed greatly to the music scene of all over the world so far. INTEGRA - 7 contains all of these tones and it is possible to upgrade the tone generator module while maintaining the conventional production environment. In the SRX series, you can call up to 4 titles of your choice at the same time in 4 virtual slots, and you can customize it to the sound module that is most suitable for each creator's environment.

Moreover, high quality GM 2 sound source which can reproduce MIDI data such as SMF at high grade is also installed. Together with the SuperNATURAL tone, indeed more than 6,000 sounds are on standby. Equipped with newly developed effect chip With INTEGRA - 7, it is possible to use MFX for all 16 parts, it can be used for production without feeling the "sound difference between when using a single tone and when using multiple" which tends to be a hardware tone generator. Many MFX are newly developed for INTEGRA-7.

As well as improving quality, electric piano and organ are finished to make it easier to use under production environments such as setting the optimum distortion and speaker setting for each instrument. Which is suitable for modern sound and make-up that sees effectors as a part of sound making has become a new MFX which is also suitable for extreme electro sounds and the like. In addition, a reverb essential to quality improvement is newly developed for INTEGRA - 7. It performs high resolution reverberation processing to complement the delicate acoustic sound.

Speedy environment unique to hardware Compared to the software synthesizer used on PC / Mac, the time to start up the main body and select the tone color is dramatically shortened. This makes smoother flow of performance and data creation, realizing a speedy music production environment. I will not miss the creators' inspiration.

The favorite tone color can be easily retrieved with the graphic LCD with large back light and the TONE FINDER function mounted on the main body, and it is becoming a big element of time reduction. VSTi to realize music production in cooperation with Mac, dedicated plug-in editor for AU "INTEGRA - 7 Editor for Mac" is a plug - in editor for VSTi, AU that can operate INTEGRA - 7 tone, volume, pan, EQ etc settings, SRX reading etc from Mac. In addition to editing SuperNATURAL synth tone realized with iPad application in tone color edit, it corresponds also to editing of SuperNATURAL acoustic tone. Of course, we also realized the long-awaited total recall that allows you to save / recall with your DAW song file. Music production using INTEGRA - 7 and Mac will become even faster.

INTEGRA - 7 Editor for Mac can be used with INTEGRA - 7 Ver. Librarian · soft which can manage the vast tone of INTEGRA-7 with Mac INTEGRA - 7 Librarian for Mac for Mac that can manage all sounds at once, such as replacing favorite sounds saved in the user bank of INTEGRA - 7. You can check the vast tone of INTEGRA-7 on the big screen of Mac.

INTEGRA - 7 Librarian for Mac can be used with INTEGRA - 7 Ver. Synth Legends for INTEGRA-7 which can reproduce the sound of Roland vintage synth INTEGRA - 7 Synth Legends which can reproduce popular sounds of Roland vintage synths such as JUPITER - 8, SH - 101, JUNO - 106 and TB - 303 with INTEGRA - 7. In recent years, it can also be used for music production that features synthesizer sound, such as the latest music using analog synth sound showing excitement, music of the vintage synth heyday including the 1980s. INTEGRA - 7 Librarian for Mac as well as installation via USB memory is also possible.

Motional Surround function which evolved the sound field space control technology of RSS In INTEGRA - 7, the new function Motional Surround function allows you to surround the total of 17 parts of INTEGRA - 7 internal 16 parts and external input 1 part. Using proprietary technology cultivated at RSS (Roland Sound Space Processor), it achieves depth and left / right spread with 2ch output, and it corresponds to each output mode of speaker output / headphone output. By using the VSTi plug-in editor, it is possible to record and reproduce the surround panning of each part on the DAW in real time. Ideal for reproducing music with movement in instruments and players, such as simulating live performance. From instruments used in orchestras and bands to sound effects used in images, it is possible to represent not only the sound quality but also the sound field space with more natural sounds with one INTEGRA-7.

Moreover, it corresponds also to the output of 5.1 ch from INTEGRA - 7's para - out according to the setting of the speaker. INTEGRA - 7 Motional Surround Editor is PC / Mac with VSTi only. Various items of INTEGRA-7 can be edited by iPad application Using the free iPad application "INTEGRA - 7 Editor for iPad", you can select STUDIO SET tone color in INTEGRA - 7, volume and pan settings, as well as SRX loading to the virtual slot, synth editing from the JUPITER series You can control the localization etc of Motional Surround from the iPad. By using the large screen unique to the iPad, you can see a lot of information at once, so you can get a more efficient environment. Furthermore, wireless connection is also possible by using WNA 1100-RL (update of the main body may be required). Provide a more free and comfortable music production environment without being bound by the place of the INTEGRA - 7 body. Usage notes OS that I was able to check the operation is iOS 5.1. It corresponds to iPad (1/2/3 generation). To connect with INTEGRA - 7, you need Apple's iPad Camera Connection Kit, a commercially available USB cable, or a wireless USB adapter WNA 1100 - RL. Main Specifications Maximum polyphony 128 sounds (changes depending on sound source load) Number of parts 16 parts tone SuperNATURAL acoustic, SuperNATURAL synth, SuperNATURAL drum kit, PCM synth, PCM drum kit Including GM 2 tone Virtual slot for expansion Number of slots = 4 Loaded from the title below (built in the main body memory) and used. SRX series (12 titles in total) SuperNATURAL tone for expansion (6 titles) High-definition PCM sound for expansion (1 title) SRX series, SuperNATURAL for extension use one virtual slot per title. For high-definition PCM sound for expansion, use all four virtual slots in one title. Effect Multi-effect = 16, 67, Part EQ = 16, COMP + EQ = 6 for drum and part, motional surround, chorus = 3, reverb = 6, master EQ display 256 × 80 dots (graphic LCD with backlight) Connecting terminal Input terminal (L, R) (standard type, rear side), OUTPUT A (MIX) terminal (L, R) (Standard type, front side), INPUT terminal (L, R) OUTPUT C terminal (L, R) (standard type), OUTPUT C terminal (L, R) (standard type), OUTPUT A terminal (L / MONO, R) (TRS standard type), OUTPUT B terminal DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (COAXIAL) terminal, MIDI terminal (IN, OUT, THRU), USB COMPUTER terminal (compatible with audio / MIDI), USB memory terminal, AC IN terminal (L, R) Power supply AC 100 V (50/60 Hz) power consumption 18 W accessories Instruction manual, DVD-ROM (SONAR LE), power cord, Optional items Wireless USB adapter (WNA 1100 - RL), USB memory Please use the USB memory that Roland sells. Operation can not be guaranteed when using other products.

External dimensions / mass Width (W) 481 mm Depth (D) 262 mm Height (H) 89 mm. Sometime SAL or Epacket takes a long time.

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Roland sound module SuperNATURAL Sound Module INTEGRA-7 from japan